Anushka Drescher at 123Employee

I am Anushka Drescher from Burkley, California and 2 weeks ago I started working with 123Employee. I got a wonderful assistant named Maria and she has helped me so much just in the last 2 weeks. Some of the examples the way she’s helped me is that she has created a mind map for my whole business. All of the things that I need to do, she’s put them on a visual map online. She has helped build a database of customers. Right now I’m here at Super Teaching at CEO Space, I take my electronic notes everyday, I highlight the parts that are action items, I email her my notes everyday and she creates another visual mind map of all the actions I’ve said I need to take. When I get home I know exactly what I need to do. Maria has been amazing, she’s always ready to please, she’s always friendly, she’s always helpful. I am just so grateful that I came across her and she’s going to save me a lot of time and money. She’s going to be preparing a newsletter for me that I get paid for $500 to do it once a month. It’ll take her about 2 hours to do it once I train her and I will pay for her entire salary for the whole month. I love 123Employee!